Banking Law Services in Pakistan


Banking laws govern how banks and other financial institutions conduct business. Banks and other financial institutions are also subject to numerous rules and regulations including federal, provincial and domestic regulations to ensure transparency between banks and the individuals or companies while conducting business. Most offenses related to banking and finance are administrated in special Banking Courts in Pakistan.

IBI’s banking law experts assists its clients in resolving banking law issues and provide consultancy services in this regard:

  1. Banking Litigation
  2. Banking Regulation
  3. Commercial Banking
  4. Commercial Loans
  5. Consumer Banking
  6. Loans Restructuring
  7. Loan Securitizations
  8. Enforcement of Collaterals
  9. Hypothecation
  10. Lender Liability
  11. Letters of Credit
  12. Lien and Set Off Documents
  13. Mortgage
  14. Pledge