Best Corporate Law Services in Pakistan

Corporate LAW

Corporate law is the legislation under which the formation, registration or incorporation, governance, liquidation and winding-up of an entity is administered. Company is a legal entity formed by a group of individuals for the purpose of some business undertaking, which has a corporate legal personality separate from that of its members.

Corporate law deals with the formation and operations of corporate legal entities, governing the rights, relations, and conduct of persons within companies, merger and acquisition, corporate restructuring, debt and equity finance, private equity, corporate governance, statutory filings, secretarial support, statutory compliance and other corporate law services in Pakistan.

IBI-Remedium always strive to protect and promote clients' legal interests effectively and help them to achieve their corporate objectives in the most practical way by using its expertise and corporate cognizance.

Team IBI-Remedium is not only well familiar with most specialist issues of corporate sector but also have expertise in day-to-day corporate transactions, their possible legal consequences and disputes arises out of them. IBI is fully equipped with required legal skillset to address effectively corporate legal issues arise in achievement of our client’s corporate and commercial objective.

We at IBI-Remedium are fully aware of the corporate legal needs to protect and promote our clients' legal interests effectively and offering following corporate law services in Pakistan:

  1. Company Incorporation
  2. Secretarial Practices
  3. Association Not for Profit
  4. Association under Societies Act, 1860
  5. Partnership Law
  6. Corporate Governance
  7. Dispute Resolution
  8. Corporate Litigation
  9. Corporate Arbitration
  10. Liquidation and Winding-up

Corporate law not only facilitate corporatization and promote development of corporate sector it also encourages use of technology and electronic means in conduct of business, regulating corporate entities, protecting interests of shareholders, creditors other stakeholders and general public, adopting principles of good governance, providing robust and expeditious mechanism to conduct day-to-day corporate functionalities.

IBI-Remedium, while aligning its objectives with that of Corporate Law in Pakistan, also promote use of technology and electronic means to its maximum extend from company incorporation to company liquidation and winding-up as well as conducting day-to-day corporate functionalities and statutory compliance.