Corporate Litigation


Corporate litigation generally refers to a business suing another business or individual, but In fact, corporate litigation encompasses a lot more than that and includes any type of legal proceeding initiated by or against a business or corporation.

Corporate litigation can be initiated in case of any dispute, conflict, or claim between a different stakeholder of a corporate entity or between the company and any of its stakeholders. Corporate litigation proceedings dealt with companies law, partnership law, contract law, and other commercial law, regulations enforced to increase public scrutiny of business and fair corporate practices.

The rights of different stakeholders including officers, members, shareholders, and creditors, etc. of a business or corporation are secured under the Companies Act, 2017 and such stakeholders can initiate corporate litigation against the company in case of infringement of their rights by the company.

There are numerous other processes under the Companies Act, 2017 where the sanction of company court is required such as reduction of share capital and rectification of any intentional or inadvertent error in the register of members, etc.

All the matters of corporate litigation under the Companies Act, 2017 are presented to the Company Bench of a High Court in Pakistan having jurisdiction in the place at which the registered office of the company is situated in accordance with Companies Act, 2017.

The handling of corporate disputes and litigations can decide how a corporate or business will survive and perform in the future.

IBI-Remedium has competent corporate attorneys who represent its clients in corporate litigation proceedings on regular basis and use a mix of court procedures with alternative dispute resolution, negotiation, and settlement to create positive outcomes for the clients.

Our corporate litigation services also include steps to avoid litigation as well as actually litigating and managing business disputes.