cybercrimes law services in Pakistan


Information Technology has intruded in our life to such an extent that it is almost indispensable while performing educational, professional, domestic, social and business operations of daily routine. Cybercrime are those illegal acts committed through use of a computer device and network to achieve some illegal objectives.

The advent of Information Technology to such a considerable extent, where facilitating our life, also giving birth to different complex problems ranging from privacy infringement to heinous commercial, social and ethical crimes. Cybercrime experts of IBI-REMIDUM provides complete set of services related to cybercrimes including:

  1. Theft of Telecommunications Services
  2. Communications in furtherance of Criminal Conspiracies
  3. Telecommunications Piracy
  4. Illegal Interception of Telecommunications
  5. Dissemination of Offensive Materials
  6. Electronic Money Laundering and Tax Evasion
  7. Electronic Vandalism, Terrorism and Extortion
  8. Sales and Investment Fraud
  9. Electronic Funds Transfer Fraud
  10. Telemarketing Fraud