Non-Disclosure Agreement


A Confidentiality Agreement or Non-Disclosure Agreement is an agreement executed between two parties that wish to share some confidential information between them, this agreement legally prohibit either party to disclose such confidential information to any other person or entity.

Non-Disclosure Agreements are usually made between companies that are considering to share necessary confidential information related to their business processes and secrets to perform some business activities. They are also used in employer-employee relationships, where employees need to have access to confidential information in the course of their employment, but the employer wants to ensure that the employee does not use or disclose this information for any other purpose.

Violating an NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement not only creates a breach of NDA contract, but also may lead to other claims including trade secret misappropriation, copyright infringement, or unfair competition depending on use of such confidential information. Expert team of IBI corporate consultants provides complete NDA consultancy services, assist its clients in drafting, enforcing their rights and legally respond to consequences.